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September 27, 2013

Welcome to Gould’s new International Blog.  We hope to keep our international parents more connected and informed!  As the Director of International Student Programs, I will be managing the blog, but I will enlist support from the whole community to make sure that we are keeping you up to date. This blog is intended to supplement the electronic mailings that you already receive from Gould.

Last week we celebrated the Moon Festival with a wonderful dinner in our dining hall.  The kitchen staff went all out to provide a fantastic menu that was enjoyed by all.  We are still eating leftover moon cakes for dessert!

We are finishing our third week of classes and everyone is settling into the busy schedule.  Athletic contests have started and many of your sons and daughters have already competed against some other schools.  The activities are also in full swing.

I have spoken to many of the international students about planning ahead for vacations.  Our first break is October 13th- October 16th.  Some of you are planning to attend the parents’ weekend and I know your son or daughter is very excited about that!  For those that are not attending, your son or daughter needs to have a place to go from Sunday through Wednesday.  Some have already made plans with friends or roommates.  Others are still wondering what they will do.  We will be renting a large dorm-like facility nearby so that everyone will have a place to go!  My hope is that your student will be able to join an American family and share that experience for this short break.  If your son or daughter chooses to stay at the place we have rented, there will be a charge to his or her bookstore account to cover expenses.

Please notify your son or daughter’s advisor about plans for the October break.  Your permission is needed in order for the plans to be complete!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or call me!


Martha Whittington


(207) 824-7795

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moon festival


moon festival




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