Gould’s Got that Something…

October 17, 2007

So this week’s “Wednesday Whims” are coming to you from my home in Stowe, Vermont. After an eventful Parent’s Weekend, we all had a nice break and have off until Thursday. Some people have used the time to visit colleges, go see friends, but I have enjoyed being home catching up with all of my friends. Parent’s Weekend was a lot of fun. I got to spend some time with my dad as I escorted him from class to class and he met with all of my teachers. The soccer team played another great game at home, and we had a lot of spectators. The game was against Hebron Academy, and at half time, we had the lead. However, they came back onto the field just a touch stronger than we were, and they came out with the win at the end. We have only a few more games remaining, so hopefully we can pull together and win our last few, and then dominate in MAISADS!!

Since I have been home, I have caught up with all of my family who I haven’t seen in nearly a month and a half, and all of my friends. I took a hike up the Pinnacle with my camera and I took three rolls of film of all of the beautiful mountains and foliage for my photography class.

It has been so much fun just to be away from school, but the longer I am away, the more I end up missing Gould! I don’t quite know what it is, but Gould just has that something! There are times when I am at school that I get homesick, and really miss Stowe, but as soon as I get back here, all I can do is count the minutes until I am back in Bethel! There is just something special about Gould that you fall in love with, and just love to be apart of…all the time! As much as I love the comfort and coziness of my own bed, Gehring is one of the most fun places to live. Everyone is so comfortable and open, it feels like you’re living in a house with all of your best friends. Throughout the evening, you can just pop in and say hi to anyone, and expect that someone will knock on your door wanting to chat with you, too. And, now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE MY MOMMY!, but there is something about the independence you have at school that is so exciting. While there are teachers and other faculty members who are there for you whenever you need them, you are mostly on your own with your friends, making your own decisions. Theres no one telling you what to do, or chasing you down, breathing down your neck…(not that you do that, Mom!! but you get it!) Basically, this break has been awesome, but I just can’t wait to get back!


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