Gould’s Furry Friends

December 9, 2013


Being away from home, a lot of us begin to feel pet deprived, but this is never a problem for too long. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Faculty Pet/Student ratio- you should know that it’s very high. Whenever you need a cuddle buddy or just a furry hug, any one of the dorm pets or on campus faculty pets is never too far away.

So, I think that it is about time that some of Gould’s furry friends are properly introduced to the Glogworld. Some of the cutest faces on campus were held to a vote over the weekend to compete for the cutest pet on campus. From dogs and cats to chickens and cows Gould has it all! Below I have listed the top ten cutest pets here on campus.

In 10th Place:

An anonymous chicken from Gould’s barn with 2 votes

In 9th Place:

Paddy Manning (my personal favorite <3 ) with 3 votes

In 8th Place

Mr. Penley’s cat (Willi) with 4 votes

In 7th Place:

Mimi, the one eyed pug from Gehring! with 5 votes

In 6th Place:

Buttercup the cow from the farm with 7 votes

In 5th Place:

Bear with 10 votes

In 4th Place:

Wexy from Davidson with 11 votes

In 3rd Place:

Jacob The 20 Pound Headmaster Cat  with 14 votes

In 2nd Place:

The Infamous Yoshi “Da Cat” from Holden (he even has a Facebook) with 22 votes

And finally, the #1 cutest pet on campus:

Luna Manning with 27 votes! (I’m proud to be in her advisory)


Any other pet favorites? Let me know!

Until next week,


Buddha Quote of the Week: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world” Buddha







3 Responses

  1. Ms. Sessions Ms. Sessions says:

    Loki says he is hurt that he did not make the list, but he knows he is not really an on-campus dog these days. <3

  2. Avatar Mrs. Ruby says:

    Jacob would like to point out that he only weighs 18 lbs. He’s been dieting.

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