Gould’s Colorado Freeride Training Trip

December 1, 2012

                                           Chapter One (East to West) So, Here is what the start of our trip looked like.  On November 24th at 5 in the morning we all gathered at the Boston international Airport. The United Airways gate, gate C, was the meeting place.  From there we checked in all the athletes and ourselves, and yes some how we made it through security without any issues.  Once we all made it through security we b-lined it for the Dunkin Donuts near our gate and very shortly after that we boarded our plane, then took off.

We landed in Denver right on time at 930am grab our bags and hoped on the shuttle that took us over to our rental car agency.  We then pick up our pick up truck, mini van, and 15 passenger full size van and headed for the Denver skate park, stopping only to eat on the way. The guys seemed pretty impressed with the Denver skate park and ripped around there for an hour or so burning off some very pent up energy.  Once the guys got to the point where we felt like they could deal with the ride to Silverthorne we hit the road.  We arrived at our house around 430. Our hose with three kitchens, six bathrooms, a hot tub, pool and foosball table, that sleeps 24 and has a great view from the porch.   Next, unpack, and then went back out to shop for breakfast and lunch food for our first day of training at Keystone. We then ordered dinner (12)-Delivery Pizzas and wings, ate, had a team meeting, watched tv, and then went to bed.  Stay tuned for the next chapter of our trip…….

The Truck Loaded Up                                         Denver Skate Park


Pizza Dinner                                                       Sunset From the Porch On Night #1

Team Meeting










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