Gould’s 2013 Water Ramp Camp @ Acrobatx in Quebec, CAN

October 4, 2013


Fall is in the air, but snow is on our minds.  At least that’s the general consensus amongst the Freeskiers on the Gould Academy campus…  Sure it may not seem standard to pack a life-jacket and a wetsuit on a ski trip, but these are just some of the essentials when heading north from Maine in September.

Acrobatx is a Water Ramp training facility in Lac Beauport, Quebec.  It only takes 6 hours to get to there from Gould, and we make sure to journey that direction each year for a little preseason training.

“Water Ramps” are ramps that you ski down to hit jumps and land in a giant pool..  Sounds strange, but they are regularly used for training aerial maneuvers on skis before trying them on snow.  Plus who doesn’t like the sound of flying off a huge jump with all your ski gear on into water?

Needless to say our crew had an awesome weekend!  Everyone got to work on some new tricks, we all tried to speak a little french, and no one got hurt.  Below you will find a bunch of videos of all the skiers in action.  Make sure to check them out, some of it is very impressive, and all of it is fun to watch!


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  1. Avatar Will Harvey says:

    Everyone except for me gets a video? Haha

  2. Avatar Mark Godomsky says:

    We would love to get you on the middle jump!

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