February 10, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone!

Unfortunately, I once again find myself in the position of having to say that this is my first Glog post in  a while. I apologize — I’ll try to make up for it.

I’ve wanted to write about Twitter for quite some time now. I’m almost embarrassed to say that Twitter is a pretty important part of my life. Far more interesting and informative than Facebook, in the last year or so I’ve learned that Twitter has the power to inform me of friends’ recent thoughts, big events in their lives (like getting into college, YEAH SENIORS), world news, the new spring collection from Lilly Pulitzer, what Kim Kardashian did today, and much, much more. I’ve stopped myself from posting about Twitter before now because I didn’t want to bore you all with a pretty much completely un-Gould-related discourse on the celebrities I follow and the cute personalized background I just put up. However, recent events have caused me to change my mind: a couple of days ago, in AP Gov, Dr. Clarke decided to have us all sign up for Twitter as a way to find sources for our most recent research project. Luckily, I was two steps ahead.

What’s actually interesting is that I had already figured out that Twitter could be an excellent source of academic knowledge before this occurrence. Amid the waves of generally useless junk that fills up my news feed daily, I run across articles from the NY Times or the Economist that are both interesting and informative. For this reason, I’m not surprised that teachers are starting to use Twitter as part of class — it makes sense to me, and it’s nice to be able to mix business with pleasure as much as possible.

If anyone reading this doesn’t have one already, I encourage you to make a Twitter account. It’s a great boredom buster, procrastination aid, and an even better way to keep up with anything from your friends, to celebrities, to favorite sports teams or news sources, and even Gould happenings: follow @gouldacademy for pictures, links, and other general updates about Gould life… all in 160 characters or less.

It’s my personal dream to one day be retweeted by @gouldacademy (hint, hint Mr. Kimball). #prepschooldreams

Coincidentally, Fridays on Twitter are “Follow Fridays” (#FF for short), so I’ll share with you a few of my favorite “tweeters”:

@collegeprepster @TheEconomist @KielJP

@GouldHuskies @LillyPulitzer @vineyardvines

@nytimes @UrbanOutfitters @ridegould


Happy tweeting,



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    A few more to follow, Abby. @life @time @nprnews @edsocialmedia @copyblogger

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