Gouldies are heroes too!

February 9, 2016

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: Mr Alford, is the movie “The Martian” a cartoon, or was it actually filmed on Mars?

Heroes are special things. And I’m not talking about the kind you see here, the kind you eat:

…although this DOES look really really good. But no, I’m talking about PEOPLE heroes.  And not the kind of people heroes that you eat.  I did some extensive research (asked another teacher in the faculty room), and came up with a working definition for “hero”: Someone who doesn’t have to pay taxes. Or someone who can fly.

Which is why I rejected our working definition outright. And came up with my own, which is mine and belongs to me. So here it is, citizens of Glogcelona: “Somebody I want to be like when I grow up.”

In that way, I’d like to shine a digital, Glog-light (Glight?) on two of my heroes: My children, Ben and Chaia.

Glogger and his heroes

Glogger and his heroes


These two wonderful (and good looking) Gouldies inspire me every day. Here are a few ways:

  • Chaia spends her Sunday afternoons tutoring Somali immigrants in English
  • Ben tutors in both the math and writing centers at Gould every week
  • Both auditioned for and sang in the Maine District 2 choral festival this year
  • Both gave half of their summer vacation to our family and walked across Spain with their parents
  • Chaia is a writer extraordinaire who has published 2 books, as has Ben (see Amazon.Com)
  • Ben began nordic skiing in elementary school, and now races for Gould. Chaia too.
  • They are kind, and generous, and gentle, and funny, and musical. And they work hard at school every day
  • They are not afraid to hug their dad in the dining hall!

Heroes, both! AND, neither of them have to pay taxes either.


Chaia and tutee, Lewiston

Chaia and tutee, Lewiston

Craftsbury, VT. 10 race

Ben in Craftsbury, VT. 10k race



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