GouldGlog: The Interviews (Episode IV- “Attack of the Gloggers”)

May 14, 2013

OVERHEARD IN THE HEAD OF SCHOOL’S OFFICE: (Teacher) “So what you are saying is, neckties are simply the result of 17th century military bling?”  (Big Cheese Administrator) “No, I’m saying they’re the result of 17th century CROATIAN military bling.”

ATTENTION: To all who haven’t noticed yet (this is just a pleasant intro- EVERYONE has noticed), the school year is very rapidly coming to it’s final curtain.  Fewer games remain, the Spring Musical rears it’s impressive head next weekend, AP exams are underway, and some rooms in Holden are actually showing signs of order (by this I mean “you can actually see the floor”).  This also means, alas, that this year’s GLOG is coming to a close soon.


We have decided, after much consultation and debate (one email), to dedicate a week of Glogs to something important.  Something profound.  Something uniquely special.

We are going to write about each other.  Why, you ask?   Well, for a couple fo reasons:

  • A: We are interesting, interested, classically good-looking people.  Just look at our cartoon images!  Amiright?
  • 2: We really really really dig the Glog.  Seriously, it’s one of the most fun things a student/teacher/whatever can do at this school.

So today I am going to be bringing you the goods on a very special Glogger.  A talented, vivacious, classically good-looking student who brightens everyone’s day with her witticisms and her “Buddha Says” words of wisdom. Glogosphere, I give you: COURTNEY COLALUCA!

I spent countless hours (minutes) doing extensive research (talked to Courtney) to gather information on this college-bound queen of the Glog.  And in typical Jefe-fashion, I am bringing the results of my hard work to you in the form of a list.  Let this from here forth be known as the COURTNEY COLALUCA “TOP 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT HER” LIST:

  1. Courtney’s favorite color is red. In case you were shopping for a spring fling dress for her…
  2. She will be attending Suffolk University next fall. I hear they offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Glee.
  3. Her favorite movie growing up was The Princess Bride. (Spirit of full disclosure- It’s my favorite too!)
  4. Her childhood fear was flying.  In planes.  Apparently it’s a control thing.  If SHE could land the plane, no prob.
  5. Courtney’s favorite class taken at Gould – Photography. When I met her, I thought she actually WAS a camera- with a person attached to her.
  6. Her guilty pleasure is Gene Kelly movies. People, Google “Gene Kelly.” You won’t be disappointed. I promise.
  7. According to “C-Rock” (a nickname I just gave her right here), the best place on campus to study is in her dorm room- with her friends present. “I have tea and cookies”, she says.  Let’s all show up tonight at 9:05 and see…
  8. Her biggest challenge at Gould- leaving soon.  Sniff.
  9. Courtney’s advice to incoming 9th graders is to “find another new student to sit with on the first day, instead of clinging to parents.”  It worked for her- just ask Ella!
  10. Her message to her parents: “You guys are ROCK STARS!”  No, literally so.  They are backup singers for The Rolling Stones.  Okay, I made that up.
Finally, I leave you with Courtney’s message to Gould Academy.  From the heart, this is raw and unedited. Go ahead Courtney, the stage is yours:



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