New Lift will Bring Students to Sunday River Straight from Campus

April 1, 2014

Take Me To The River


An artist’s rendering shows a mock-up of the location and design of the new Gould lift.

The Gould Academy Board of Trustees unanimously approved the construction of a new campus lift line during an emergency meeting via conference call this past weekend.

The new addition to our partnership with Sunday River will allow skiers and snowboarders from Gould to travel from campus directly to the top of Locke Mountain in about fifteen minutes. The lift will feature Sunday River’s unique high-speed eight-person Chondola cars.

Initial plans have the lift anchored at the base of the girls’ dormitory, Gehring Hall, where Sunday River lift operators will be stationed.

“It’s unprecedented. Students will literally be able to roll out of bed, and be training on-snow minutes later,” boasted Gould Head of School Matt Ruby.

History teacher and head baseball coach Rob Manning added, “Hey, that goes right through our field.”

There was some concern that getting students to the trails that quickly in the morning would result in what’s known as “sleep skiing,” however Sunday River Director of Communications Darcy Morse pointed out that optional “mid-station Starbucks stops will give students and coaches the extra jolt they need to get going in the early hours.”

Construction is slated to begin one year from today on April 1, 2015.


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  1. Avatar Ted Brown says:

    This must be why all the pine trees have been cut….;)

  2. Avatar Jim Konkel '81 says:


  3. Avatar EJ says:

    This reminds me of the time Sunday River announced they would start making snow with Margarita mix. Clearly an April fools.

  4. Avatar PZ says:

    Or Sunday River was going to install a gondola from the Jordan to the Golf Course, or even better build a village at the Jordan

  5. Avatar cheesycharlie says:

    Will the lift be open to the pubic?

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