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October 23, 2013

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Today I want to talk about a topic that I have been thinking about since I first got to Gould. Tradition.

Gould, no different than any other school has many traditions.

Mountain Day.

Four Point.

Winter Carnival.


Formal Dinner.

Residential Rumble.

…Saturday classes…..

When I give tours, these are some of the first things that I talk about. I think that the traditions are part of what makes Gould such a special place, and they show the atmosphere of the community. I find that each and every tradition of the Gould community brings a unified feeling of excitement (or, in the case of Saturday classes, dismay).

I would LOVE to hear from Alumni about the traditions in your Gould era! And current students, what traditions do you want to start? I will be starting a tradition this week, Best Dressed!! I asked specially for Wednesday Glog so that I could do this from Formal Dinner the night before.

This week the winners are Peter Fordyce and Kyrstin Gee both of the FABULOUS class of 2014.


best dressed













Til next week!!






4 Responses

  1. Chris Hayward Chris Hayward says:

    Thanks for writing this Cathryn.

    Sometimes it is hard to articulate some of the magic that happens at Gould but I think that you are hitting on it. It’s all the traditions that people experience while they are here.

    Some of my favorites are Earn Your Turns (starting soon), surf trips and downhill mountain bike trips.

    Thanks again!

  2. Avatar Penley says:

    Polar Bears!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar greggilman says:

    Great entry Cathryn! Another great tradition…THE END!

  4. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    Hi Cathryn,
    Traditions of note from the Dad of your present Mr. Newell. I am also an Alum and former Faculty and Coach (28 years).
    1.) Fryeburg Football Games
    2) Sadie Hawkins Dances
    The above 2 are probably up until the 1970’s
    3.) THE HAT during Winter Carnival 1980’s and ’90’s ( maybe this is still done).

    Nice Post – enjoy reading them. Take care.
    Charlie Newell

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