Gould teacher = Superhero? Could be…

October 4, 2011

OVERHEARD IN HANSCOM HALL:  Teacher: “So class, what ties all the stuff on this handout together?”  Student: “A three-ring binder?”

Greetings, Gloggers and Glogees (just made that word up, I think)!  Welcome to another exciting year of glogging, Gould Academy-style!  For those reading along right now that don’t know who I am, let me introduce myself:

I’m Batman.

OK, I’m not REALLY Batman, I just would love to own that cool utility belt.  And have those abs.  And the Batmobile.

I am a Spanish teacher at Gould, which is kind-of-like being a superhero, without the secret identity.  Maybe sometime later this year I will write a blog about the superhero-like things that a teacher gets to do.  Right now I have something more important to write.

Today I did a superhero-like thing, and crossed something off of my bucket list at the same time.  All while I was on study hall dorm duty.  This is a


Today I took a flying leap at a jammed door, and using both of my feet, kicked the door open, saving the three trapped students in the process.


If you want the whole story you will have to see me, Katie Stack, Ryan Morello, or Ben Alpert (for the “inside” prespective).  The details with thrill and amaze you, I assure you all.  I’ll leave you here with a piece of photographic evidence:

See you next week, crime fighters!  To the Bat-cueva!


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