Gould Shreds A51 at Keystone, CO.

November 30, 2013


Jibbing can be defined as any type of grind, slide, stall, tap or bonk on a rail, box, tube, pipe or wall and isn’t limited to any of these. As park skiing continues to evolve, the builders and riders of terrain parks continue to develop new types of features to play on.

Area51 at Keystone in Colorado has built a reputation for having one of the most unique and fun Jib parks in the world and they open every season with tons of slidable steel.

After a few days of hiking jumps at Breckenridge, we decided to head to Key for some fun laps and rest up our legs while honing in our jib skills. With a lift that loads at the bottom of the park and drops you at the top, the boys got to spin as many 10 minute laps that they could handle.

Check out a few of the shots the guys logged on our first day at Key!


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