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January 9, 2017

Hello all!

For those of you who don’t me my name is Mia Shifrin and I am a tenth grader. I have the opportunity to continue my blogging—I blogged last year for the Nordic Blog. I will be posting roughly every other week throughout the rest of the year. One of my biggest focuses in the winter is skiing, so I thought I would share a little bit about the Gould Nordic world for my first post.


Some of my earliest days skiing

Usually when I tell people my own age that I am a nordic skier they give me a funny look and then proceed to ask if that is the type of skiing that involves running on skis. I have never quite been able to see how running and nordic look the same, as  I have grown up nordic skiing. I went up through the local kids league, the local Middle School team from fifth to seventh grade, and then the Gould team in eighth grade.


Me skiing last year at NEPSACs

Skiing at Gould has exposed me to a lot of different things in the Nordic world. I have attended races where I am starting behind a professional or college skier, but I have also been able to regularly ski in the Maine High School races. The thing that keeps me interested day in and day out about nordic is our practices.

Our weekly schedule goes something like this:

  • Monday & Thursday: Technique
  • Tuesday: Interval days, or as DC says, quality training days.
  • Wednesday: Over distance ski day and a way for us to get off campus
  • Friday: Pre-race practice
  • Saturday: Race Day!

Technique practice a few Thursdays ago

This weekend past weekend we attended the High School Opener at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, while another group headed over to Craftsbury for the Eastern Cup. Most of the team enjoyed being back into racing. Also, a quick shoutout to Izzy Chase, who won the High School Opener!

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Marcus, Ben, Steph, and Livy hanging out

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