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May 18, 2014

Hi everyone,

Everything screams summer at this time of the year. May is good. I love May.
Photo May 17, 6 32 43 PM
1) It is officially summer at Gould. I swear winter was still here until parents came visit their children during Parents’ Weekend. Thank you, parents. Without you, I guess the leaves would not have started turning green, and the sun would not have started shining so brightly. Spring? I forget its existence. Sorry, Spring. We’ll celebrate Spring Fling for you, even if it’s summer kind of hot.

2) The next time I see snow will be in South Hadley, MA (I am going to Mount Holyoke College!). I do anticipate random snow somewhere in May, but still, isn’t it so strange that my last winter here has already gone, and MY graduation (as well as Alec’s, Mona’s and Cathryn’s) is in another three weeks?

3) That means, because of all the Glogs I did not write, I only have two glogs left 🙁

4) Seniorities are kicking in. My math class went out for ice cream, and needless to say, it was great!
Photo May 08, 2 12 33 PM
5) But I still have final projects to do. And packing (which is my least favorite part, now that I have to move my whole room to another place…)

6) My roommate, Zaza ’14 and I have a weird/useful/refreshing tradition of making “radical changes” in our room (as she states it). Sometime before exam week, we would move our beds, our desks and our drawers around for new perspectives, and we would clean up as well. We stacked our drawers, we stacked our bookshelves, I didn’t want to stack our beds. However we move stuffs around, this tradition keeps our minds fresh before the exam, and it’s a nice workout on the weekend. I hope everyone has their own little tradition with roommates as well.

Even though she may not remember saying this, my roommate wants to change the world, one bedroom at a time.

Have an exciting week bathing in sunshine! Life is good!



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