Gould Language Teachers’ World Tour!!!!

April 25, 2012

OVERHEARD ON EARTH DAY: “Does anyone else see the irony of the Pepsi/Aquafina truck showing up on campus on the day we watch a movie about reducing our plastic use?

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I thought that today I would take an opportunity to share something special with all of you (spirit of full disclosure: I am NOT sharing my jelly beans with you). This special thing has nothing to do with Earth Day, nothing to do with Tuesdays, and in fact nothing to do with my 28-year crush on Madonna.

Too much info?

I can happily report that Gould Academy teachers take their teaching seriously. So in the spirit of teacher-seriousness, three Gould World Language Department teachers took to the road last Friday to attend the Kents Hill Language Conference, held, coincidentally, at the Kents Hill school.

Truth be told: When I think of language teachers, the first thing I think of is scarves.  Neck scarves, worn like VIP, backstage passes at a Madonna concert.  Seriously people, language teachers wear scarves.  Just ask a language teacher.  But last Friday was not about scarves (although there were some very nice ones worn to the conference, though not by me).  Last Friday was about teaching languages, pure and simple.  We shared ideas, we shared theory, and we shared great stories.  Here is a sample conversation, transcribed from my notes taken at the conference:

  • “Hi!  How are your classes going?”
  • “Great, although I am sometimes challenged by using art in class.”
  • “I see…Have you read the latest study out of the University of New Schprinkstown?”
  • “No, I haven’t.  That’s a great scarf, by the way!”

You can imagine the rest.  Or maybe not.  You should probably know that there are some things that we DON’T do when we leave school for a day, and so I have compiled a short list of things that we didn’t do last Friday:

  1. We didn’t head down to the Saco Drive-in to watch a movie.
  2. We didn’t take a diner-tour of Western Maine.
  3. We did not go to Portland to watch The Hunger Games on a really big screen.
  4. We definitely didn’t go out for a group foot massage (though that sounds pretty good).
  5. And we didn’t drive around Bethel listening to Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection.

Too bad.

Here’s what we really looked like, engaged in conversation and reflection about language teaching:

Language teachers NOT talking about Madonna.


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