Gould hits the streets.

January 24, 2013

Urban settings are becoming more and more popular in todays freeride/freestyle scene.  For years the bravest and most confident park riders use the streets as the final proving ground to demonstrate their jib skills.  Instead of having a groomed park to throw down their best tricks, skiers must deal with the consequences of falling on stairs, concrete, rocks, bushes and other stationary objects when they come up short on a feature.  Because of these variables, it’s best to be on top of your game and only attempt those elements you feel confident completing.  With urban focused ski movies flooding the industry, its only natural for our guys at Gould to be chaffing at the bit for their chance to cut their teeth.

This year Gould hosted a New Years Camp where we spent three days on the road, traveling to low key spots around Maine with the hopes of getting exposed to what Urban skiing is all about.

For our first trip we kept things pretty basic.  We made our way to Hosmer Field in Rumford, ME.  This was a great warm-up feature that was low consequence, but a nice way to get acclimated  to the scene.

Some of the guys took to it quickly, while others got a better understanding of just how hard urban rails can be, but everyone had a decent time.  There’s always a lot to do when on an urban trip, from shoveling to filming, everyone can contribute.  Blake Wilson had the banger trick on the day with a 270 on to Switch.  Check it out below!

On our second day we headed to Lewiston/Auburn to see what we could find.  Our first stop ended up being at Bonny Park in Auburn where the guys had a lot of options to choose from.

The boys set up this C-Rail to a drop.  Speed for this feature was tough, so they needed to use the Banshee Bungee to tow into it.  Below you can see how Connor Kelly makes it happen.

Next they set up this classic S-Rail.

 Below is a shot of Riley McDonough spinning front 4 out.

And Clayton Gamble even found a way to jib the foundation of this bridge.

After lunch we made our way into Lewiston where the guys wanted to try hitting a wall-ride.  This mural stage made for a perfect platform.

It took a long time to get the in-run for this feature prepped, but it was worth the wait!  Watch Jay Wilder get after it below.

A few of the guys wanted to find something a little different and found this bomb-drop.

Watch Clayton Gamble get his below!

The next day we decided to head even further from Bethel and made our way down to Deering Oaks Park in Portland.  We spent the whole day in this park with plenty to do.

This Dub-Kink-C rail was the first Rail we hit in Portland.  Watch Kyler Walker take care of business below.

The guys got to hit this C-Rail at the same time.

Jay Gets real steezy with this blunt-slide to back 2.

After we finished beating up these two rails we decided to grab some local lunch at Punky’s on Brighton Ave.  There we were able to refuel on some tasty grub while the camera batteries recharge.  After lunch we messed around on this flat-bar.








Above you can see Clayton grabbing Method on the left, and John Herron tail Pressing on the right.  Below you can check out young Will Harvey landing Blind 2.

It takes a lot of time and work to pull off a solid Urban mission, and things don’t always work out the way you plan.  A large crew can sometimes mean getting busted and kicked out of a spot, but on this trip things worked out awesome!  Now that these guys have a taste of Urban skiing, it will be great to see where they’ll take it in the future.  Look out for these guys in the streets near you!


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    Am just catching up on blogs…..Really enjoyed seeing what the urban adventures were like for our team. Thanks for posting!

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