Gould Graduates – what will you become?

May 27, 2011

The other day, I found myself staring at a stepstool. In Ordway Dining Hall there’s a sink next to the coat room, and in front of the sink is a stepstool.

The stool has always been there for faculty kids, but I hadn’t taken much notice of it until recently. Standing next to it, I imagined that if I stood on top of it my head would reach the ceiling.

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, everyone grows up, I know. Still, at that moment (with its proximity to graduation) it reminded me of my growing independence.

It’s true that we will need more help in the future, but now we can reach for what we want and get pretty far by ourselves.

My classmates are creative, smart, and ambitious. They came to Gould that way. What’s really changed is that now we have the tools to take our ideas to the next level.

Last night the seniors took a trip to Camp Winona in Bridgeton. We spent the sunny afternoon swimming, canoeing, tubbing, sunbathing, and bug-killing.  

Sunning on the dock at Camp Winona

At dinner, the senior superlatives we announced – the “most likely to be famous”, “most artisitc”, “wittiest”. These titles we assign each other are interesting, like snapshots that capture personalities and traits.

Luckily, our predictions and assumptions about each other probably won’t hold true. We will change. Tomorrow, we will officially be set loose – on summer, on college, on our futures. There, we will pick our own titles.

Class of 2011 – You may choose to follow your superlative to a broadway stage. Or maybe you’ll be one of the funniest kids in your freshman class at college. Perhaps you’ll be a writer. No matter what you pick, you have the skills and the independence to reach for it now.

I hope you have fun, thanks for the past four years.

Alice H.


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