Gould Goes Whitewater Rafting!!!

May 6, 2014

OVERHEARD ON THE DEAD RIVER: “Mr. Alford, is it called the Dead River because of something that happened on a rafting trip?”

Saturday was one of the best weekend duty days of the year for me. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that teachers at Gould are responsible for six weekends of duty, plus a handful of weekend hours on special weekends, when everyone is on duty (Parents’ Weekend, Finals Weekend, stuff like that). So this Saturday was the BEST of the six Saturdays of the year.

And at least one of those Saturdays had classes. So that changes things.

THIS Saturday Mr. Shifrin (who, for the rest of this Glog, I will refer to as “Shif-Doggy -Dogg”) and I drove north, to the far reaches of Maine, with 2 vehicles, 2 cups of coffee, and 18 sleeping students.

No, we weren’t looking for moose.
No, we weren’t trying to sneak into Canada.
No, we weren’t trying to find Santa’s workshop (he’s on vacation during mud season anyways).

We drove north, to the thriving metropolis of The Forks, Maine (motto: “We’re not The Spoons”). The Forks is a town with a year-round population of about 6 people, who take it in turn to check the town’s answering machine every two weeks or so during the winter. During the summer The Forks is home of about a thousand college students, and young adults who are seeking a career in Adrenaline-chasing. They all converge at The Forks to lead whitewater kayak and raft trips down the Kennebec and Dead Rivers all summer. It’s a beautiful place, full of green and sun and water, all summer long.

This is not summer.

There was ice on the riverbanks, and snow in the woods. I swear, I even saw a bear shivering by the side of the road on the way up. The students looked out the windows of the vans open-mouthed at the ice. Shif-Doggy-Dogg smiled the whole time.

I’d tell you about the trip down the river in great detail, but there simply isn’t space here to talk about who splashed the other rafters with their paddles (Alejandra, Alicia, Silvana, and Clara), or who took unexpected swims in the rapids (again, Alicia and Alejandra). A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Here are a few thousand words for you. Thanks to Shif-Doggy-Dogg (PLEASE someone call him that in school tomorrow!!) for the inspiration for this trip, and to Dead River Expeditions for this trip!

For more information: See  http://deadriverexpeditions.com/whitewaterrafting.html

The "BEST" raft on the river!

The “BEST” raft on the river!

Our splash-fight victims

Our splash-fight victims

OK, who's having fun here?

OK, who’s having fun here?

Capt. Mike and his merry crew

Capt. Mike and his merry crew



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