Gould Goes Vacant. Thanksgiving break.

November 18, 2014



So that’s it. Exams are over, forms are signed, rooms are cleaned (well, sort of…), and our first significant vacation of the year has begun. And we know that it’s vacation time on campus, because the clearest sign of vacation is all around us: There are people scurrying all over campus.

Gouldies don’e even rest during rest time, it seems! There are alpine skiers (I think I’ll call them “alpin-ers” this year) doing alpine things, and nordic skiers (I would; call them “nordies”, but my “nordie” son might object) are preparing to leave for Canada in the morning. I may have even seen a snowboarder around.

Rest indeed!

I thought it might be interesting for people to see what Gould looks like when all of the students vacate, so I snuck out late last night and took some pictures. Here they are:

Photo on 11-18-14 at 3.56 PM

Fieldhouse at night

3rd floor of Hanscom at night

3rd floor of Hanscom at night

Gould's old darkroom (archive photo)

Gould’s old darkroom (archive photo)

As you can see, Gould is missing a certain “je ne sais quoi” (French, for “Jenny says quiet”) when the students leave. And now I’m leaving too. Have a happy, wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving break! See you on the Tuesday after next!



Vieques, Puerto Ricoat night, 1994.

Vieques, Puerto Rico at night, 1994.


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  1. Avatar Greg Gilman says:

    It’s like, how much more black could this be?

  2. Avatar Pendog says:

    Nordies are nordies… And I was one so I get to say it.

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