Gould Goes to Spain!!

March 27, 2012

OVERHEARD IN SPAIN: Me: “What happened in 1808?” Student: “Spain was invaded by Napoleon Dynamite!”

Yes, Napoleon Dynamite.

I hope everyone had a nice break over the past few weeks.  Some Gould students and teachers (by “teachers”, I mean “me”) have been VERY busy over break, traveling to far-off places and eating far-out foods (Spirit of full disclosure: I actually ate a silkworm in China.  Kids: Don’t try this at home.).

This Glog is about one such trip.

From March 1st-March 10th, eight students traveled, visited, home-stayed, and ate their ways through Spain.  they visited three cities (Madrid, Zaragoza, and Barcelona), saw palaces and castles, visited the VERY famous La Sagrada Familia (Spanish, for “THE Sagrada Familia”) church, ate way too many churros (Spanish, for “solid cholesterol dipped in chocolate), and in general had a great time.  This trip was the inaugural visit to the Juan de Lanuza school, where Gould hopes to develop a long-term exchange program.  Eight students from Juan de Lanuza will, in return, visit Bethel this coming October.

Here are a few pictures of the trip- Feel free to ask anyone that participated about it!

The Very-artistic Aaron in Zaragoza.

Sunny days and sunny smiles: Nika and Courtney in Barcelona.

Madison discovers what a shrimp REALLY looks like.

So many Spanish boys, so little time.....oh well, there's always paella!

The whole group, plus Gemma (who spent the day with us in Barcelona).


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