Gould Goes to Chance the Rapper

November 4, 2014

By far the most enjoyable part of being a faculty member at Gould Academy is spending time with young adults and sharing great experiences with them. A few weeks ago I came up with a pretty far fetched idea for a weekend mystery trip–emphasis on far fetched. With a big thanks to Mr. Hedden all of the pieces of this trip came together and I got to show a group of students what I used to do for work. Here is the rundown from our field trip to Chance The Rapper at Colby College as told by senior, Skye F.


Everyone at Gould knows that Midnight Mystery trips, though few and far between, are all the rage. So when Mr. Catlin came in the library last Thursday and told us to sign up for his seniors-only Friday night trip, I was all in.The rumors of where the trip was heading ranged from galactic bowling to a Chance the Rapper concert and they circulated around Gould Friday afternoon and lasted up until the van finally pulled out of campus. All Jimmy said was “We’re going to the show.”

Arriving at Colby College, we were met by Maxwell Zotz a 2007 graduate of Gould. Maxwell owns Verge Campus Tour and tours around the country bringing up and coming artists to college campuses across the U.S. They led us in to the venue and we were happily surprised to find out we had an entire balcony just to ourselves. We got to meet one of the opening DJ’s, Sweater Beats, the host of Verge Campus Tour Girbran, and to top it off Mr. Catlin ended up on stage throwing out some free swag!

After listening to Young & Sick and Sweater Beats, Chance finally came on stage at around 10:45 p.m. Everyone was already hyped about simply being at the show and having our own section… yet Jimmy surprised us once again when one of his friends led us off the balcony to a spot in front of the gate separating the crowd from the stage, right off the side of the stage.

Obviously, the show was crazy. Everyone was having a good time, and none of us wanted the concert to end. When Chance finished performing, our group was just waiting to head back to the van, when Mr. Catlin comes over and tells us we were about to meet Chance!

We rushed into a room where a couple people were already waiting, (by the way, also where we ran into TC Wilson, Gould student of 2014), and we got to take a group picture with Chance the Rapper.

So, long story short… Mr. Catlin took 14 Gould students to a Chance the Rapper concert and got us VIP access for the entire show, including the chance to meet Chance. (see what I did there?) AND not to mention, we didn’t have to pay for our tickets.


After almost running out of gas on the way back, and having to fix the back door in the van, we finally made it to campus around 2:30 a.m. in the morning. Although none of us were looking forward to getting up at 9:00 a.m. the next morning for assembly, we all were very happy that we signed up for the mystery trip, and very thankful that Mr. Catlin and his friends at Verge Campus pulled off the awesome trip for us!

And…that’s a “rap”.




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