Gould Goes Family-style!

February 4, 2015

OVERHEARD IN THE 3RD FLOOR HALLWAY: (Teacher)”You’ll never guess what I have in my classroom…” (Student) “Is is food?” (Teacher) “Sort of.” (Student) “Is it a puppy?”

HEADS-UP, students!! Family weekend is coming! Clean your rooms! Wash your clothes! Take the sheets off of your bed (that have been there since October Family weekend) and wash them! Take down “that poster”. You know which on

e I mean!

Family weekend can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, so I don’t want to make generalizations about it.

But I will anyways. Because that’s what I do. At least on Tuesdays (Spirit of full disclosure: It’s now Wednesday).  So here are a top ten list of things you should consider going into the weekend:

1. If your family/parents/extended whatever are coming, meet them somewhere. Don’t wait until the arrive to start texting each other.

2. Clean your room. Start now.

3. Turn in that assignment that has a zero on your Canvas page. Do it before you sit down with advisor and parent.

4. Open your window for 10 minutes a day. Your nose (and everyone’s nose) will thank you.

5. Introduce your friends to your parents. At least one. Everyone will think you are classy and sophisticated, even if you aren’t.

6. Find a student who has no visitors this weekend, and involve them in your life. Seriously. Adopt-a-sibling is fun for everyone.

7. Show your parent/s somewhere that you like on campus, that ISN’T your room.

8. Clean your room. Seriously.

9. If you are a parent reading this, this is for you: Meet other parents. The parent group at this school is great. Take time to meet your child’s friend’s parents. Who knows: I might be one of them!

10. Take out your trash. I know, that should be part of cleaning your room, but often it seems like another animal.  TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH! It’s GROSS!!!

Have a great week, and a really nice Family weekend!



Pderforming Arts director James "Zippy" McLaughlin in Zaragoza, Spain, 2013

Pderforming Arts director James “Zippy” McLaughlin in Zaragoza, Spain, 2013



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