Gould Freeride Camp gets after Breckenridge.

December 6, 2012

With some preferential parking we were confident rolling into Breckenridge.  Keystone’s new jump line distracted most of the locals, so we had Park Lane to ourself for the day.  The lack of traffic made for perfect training conditions.  No waiting in a huge pack of riders to call your drop, and it took much longer for the landings to get washed out from overuse..

Everyone continues to ski well and the proof is in the pudding.  Nick just finished the latest installment from the trip, so here it is!

We’ve all made it back to the east safe and sound.  The whole team is together for the first time this season and we’ve got quite the crew.  As the guys find the time to finish working with their own video from the trip, we’ll be sharing all the edits for everyone to enjoy.  Make sure to give the guys some love if you’re stoked on their hard work!


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