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January 22, 2013

OVERHEARD IN OUTDOOR EMERGENCY CARE CLASS: “Mr. Alford, what do we do if a skier’s head stops moving so suddenly that his eyes pop right out of his head?  Is that a significant injury?”

I know this is Tuesday, but I figure it’s not too late to write about things that happened over the weekend.

Weekends are a time to kick back, relax, catch up on some rest or some housework, right?  A time to take it easy, right?

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA! Silly Glogee, this is Gould Academy!  We relax by climbing mountains and building campus saunas!  So what do a group of Gould Academy faculty do when they have 48 free hours, 100 pounds of food, a van, and the Maine wilderness at our door?

We find a patch of woods, a van driver or two (Thanks, Mr Parker & Ms Masters!), some good firewood, and a whole lot of good humor. Throw in a solid day of Junior Point training, and you have a full-on Gould Faculty winter wonderland party!

Here are some interesting things that we did/learned over the weekend, hunkered down in the trees near Frenchman’s Hole:

  • Mr. Riley is a truly funny man.  And a person who just loves to get others worked up.
  • Mr. Hoyle will freely share his opinions on anything with anyone.  If no one is listening, he’ll just keep sharing.
  • Mr. Baker plays a pretty convincing injured student.  It’s almost as if he had someone specific in mind during our medical simulation. Hmmm…….
  • Ms Eaton is a campfire smoke magnet.  Seriously, everywhere she goes, the smoke goes too.
  • Mrs. Alford has an alter-ego, now known to us as “Shy Andee.” She comes out during medical scenarios. It’s a little scary.
  • Ms Frailey’s scenario alter-ego is known as “Selfish Jaimie.” It’s even scarier.
  • Mr. Hedden likes to hang in the back of hiking groups.  Except when he’s in the front. Which is always.
  • Congo bars are good for breakfast.  Fig Newtons are good all the time. Butter makes everything taste better.
  • After some extensive research (I listened for 5 minutes one night) I can extrapolate to conclude that approximately 60% of Gould Faculty snores.  I am in the minority.
  • Mr. Ruby has, in fact, been winter camping before this year.  Just ask him-he has an “interesting” story.

I leave you with a couple of pictures (as Mr Southam says, some would call this “evidence”) of our weekend in the woods, GA Faculty-Style.  A little training, a little hiking, and a whole lot of fun together.

Mr. Baker with a fake knee injury (“Mr Faker?”)

Splints can be made out of pretty much anything. See?


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  1. Avatar Alex Kerney says:

    A: Snazzy new puffies.

    B: Just a little more pruning I think you will have found everyone’s perfect name tag tagline:

    Hi, my name is:
    Mr. Hedden
    I hike at the front

    Hi, my name is:
    Mr. Hoyle
    I have loud opinions

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