Gould Academy New Student Orientation day!

September 5, 2012

New Student orientation day started out with registration in the McLaughlin Science building, then moved on to some welcome lectures by new GA President Matt Ruby, and Director of Admissions Todd Ormiston who gave us some statistics about the new profile of the schools students. Evidently 18% of new students have a sibling who was either a Gould graduate or a current Gould student, and we have students from as far away as Turkey! Thanks Todd!

The party moved outside for a few more orientation exercises…

Ellen, Assistant coach Dr. Clarke, and Sadie. Ellen was a little skeptical of the circle game…

Welcome Trent and Sadie!

Meanwhile, Marcello successfully avoided the orientation madness as a returning student, and got busy on the Ski Ergs with some beginning of the year lactate testing.

Marcello on the Ski Erg

First years Caleb and Andrew were found in the Fieldhouse packing their bags for orientation hiking trips.

Caleb getting organized

Andrew checking out the packing scene

Sadie said I had already taken enough pictures of her for one day!

A big welcome to all of our new skiers: Sadie, Trent, Caleb, Andrew, Leela… and anyone else who decides to jump in!

We’ll see everyone back on campus in a couple of days when we get practices rolling.


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