Gould Academy goes to España!!

February 14, 2012

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: (Student)“Mr. Alford, what do we do in class after you leave for China?” (Me)- “Just come to class, and speak in Spanish with whoever shows up.” (Student)- OK.  Hey, maybe Claudia will come to class, SHE’s Spanish!”

Well, Gloggers and Gloggees, this is it.  We are in the final week of winter term here at The Academy, and everyone is trying to finish up things so we can begin our week (and then some) of experiential learning: Four Point.  Things are moving very fast right now, so much so that I amgoingtowritetherestofthissentencewithoutspacessoyoucangetasenseofthepacearoundhereduingtheendofhtewinterterm.

See what I just did?  I saved you all of those mental pauses while reading my last sentence.  That had to have been worth, what, 3 seconds of time?

To quote Avery Rossow’s character in the fall play, “You’re Welcome.”

I had just enough time this winter to invent a new metaphor for the general feeling going around campus, so here it is.  I did a fair amount of research (emailed my mom) to make sure that I am not using someone else’s metaphor, and I feel that I have let enough time elapse (about 45 minutes) to be certain that:

A- No one else has used this metaphor before, and

B- My mom’s computer is turned off.

So here we go- feel free to comment on my metaphor, good or bad.  All comments are transparently posted here so that all can see.  Except for the bad ones.

The end of the Winter term at Gould feels like this (close your eyes and imagine): I am standing in a windstorm, and there is someone upwind of me holding a bale of hay.  As the other person shakes the bale vigorously in my direction, I am trying to catch all the little pieces of hay as they shoot past my head.

All those little pieces of hay have names:  Grades, comments, dorm duty, kids’ cross country race, Dr.’s appointment, advisee dinners, ski patrol class, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy (no, wait, that’s just how I FEEL right now). So I’m trying to tie up all of the loose ends before…..

Oh, right, did I mention that I’m leaving for China tomorrow night?

Actually, none of the above is the main topic of this Glog, which is to let people know about a really cool thing that I’m doing right after Andee and I return from China (and “by right after”, I mean “the next day”):  I am taking a group of eight Gould students to Spain, to participate in an exchange with the Juan de Lanuza school in Zaragoza (population 850,000, which is TEN TIMES the population of Portland).

Sound cool?  It is.  We are going to Zaragoza for 10 days and the students will be living with families, going to school, and touring some fascinating sites in Zaragoza, Barcelona, and Madrid.  For me it is like a bit of a homecoming, as our family lived in Zaragoza for a year recently).  I can’t wait to go back.  And I can’t wait to post on this Glog from Zaragoza (I promise to do so on the Tuesday we are there).  I leave you with a photo of one of the really cool places we will go:

The Basilica of "Nuestra Señora del Pilar" in Zaragoza.





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