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January 13, 2015

OVERHEARD AT A MAHOOSUC ARTS ASSEMBLY: “There was one picture with a bear, just hanging out. Did people have bears for pets back then?”

Hello to all the Gloglanders out there! I was walking around school today (being Monday, the day before this GLOG went to press), and it occurred to me: There are so many things about our students that I don’t know, even though I am surrounded by them all day long (WARNING: teachers, do NOT let students know that they surround you all day long- there are many more of them than there are of you). Where are they from? (easy to answer) What do they love to do on the weekends? (slightly tougher to answer) What was the most embarrassing thing they ever did? (tough to get a straight answer to this one). So I did some exhaustive research (walked around looking for kids with free dots) and found out some interesting little tidbits on our students.

So I’m going to share them with you. Now. Here are a few examples:

  • Sam (class of 2018) lives in an apple orchard. He mows it all summer long.
  • Zach (class of 2015) used to love to eat dog treats. I’ll assume he means the DRY kind.
  • A certain “huggy” librarian who shall go unnamed here, had a bowl-cut haircut in the 2nd grade. Photos available upon request in the library.
  • Will (2016) is deaf in one ear. I hadn’t heard that. of course, neither did he.
  • Anna (2015) once squirted ketchup in another student’s ear. We’re not sure if it was Will or not. He won’t say.
  •  Young John (2015) got stung by a whole nest of wasps . Pulled over en route to the hospital, he got a police escort. Turns out he wasn’t allergic anyways.
  •  Cassie (class of 2018) likes sea turtles. Not sure whether she means to play with, or to eat.
  • Jess (2016) ALSO likes sea turtles, but isn’t prejudiced against land ones. Her mom gave her turtles away (names: Sheldon and Shellie)
  • Marta (2017) has been to Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, and Massachusetts. One of these is not in Africa.
  • Mercedes (2017) wants you to know that the Canary Islands (where she lives) are a part of Spain, and have nothing to do with yellow birds. Or Africa.

See? Isn’t finding out random stuff fun? Try it now; ask someone near you to tell you something interesting about them.

Oh, and by the way, I was stung right on the eyelid by a bee at 3 years old, while eating tomato soup. I haven’t eaten tomato soup since. True story.



Junior Point, 2008. Selfie.

Junior Point, 2008. Selfie. I really liked that hat too.



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