Gould Academy Four Point- 9th grade, in one picture

March 6, 2012

OVERHEARD IN CHINA: “Mr Alford, you don’t have a bald spot, you have a hair spot.”

(Note: This was my last-week post, but for some reason it never posted.  So I will post it this week, and post this week’s next week.  Somehow, by magic, I will catch up.)

Today is our last day in China, with the 9th grade class.  Tomorrow we have a day of travel that will turn Tuesday in to a Tuesday-and-a-half (nice if you happen to be Will K, whose birthday is tomorrow).  There have been so many moments, so many meals, so many sights, that if I tried to put everything onto a GLOG it would fill every day this week.

So I’m just going to sum up the week with one picture.

Mind you, I took over 1,000 pictures, so I have to choose wisely.  I won’t show you the out-of-focus shot of the Forbidden City, nor will I show the picture of some of us falling down a mountain (see Andee for information on that one), and I definitely won’t show you the picture I took of a steaming pile of roasted sheep hooves covered in sesame seeds (Spirit of full disclosure: I did not eat these).  The 9th grade point is all about discovering new cultures, new places, new language, and a little bit about yourself and your place in the world.  I think this picture does it nicely.

Thank you, Kasmira, for this moment.

"You are only a stranger once."


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