Gould Academy: “Dear Santa…..”

December 18, 2013

OVERHEARD AT THE SNOW BALL- Student 1: “So how does this dancing thing work?” Student 2: “It’s easy.  Just hold your date’s hands and move back and forth with her.”

Everybody sing with me: ‘Tis the season to take quizzes, fa la la la…never mind.

I know, I know , everyone is REALLY BUSY right now. I’m so tapped out that I’m writing my Tuesday GLOG on Wednesday.  Sorry Cathryn. You can have the second half of Wednesday this week. But I’ve been wanting to write this one for a while, so I’m “day-poaching” this Glog. Here goes…

Dear Santa,

I hope this glog-letter (gletter?) finds you well up in the north pole. Here in Bethel, it was twenty degrees below zero yesterday. If you did that, thanks, but maybe you can lay off of the arctic blast for a bit. I don’t really have my winter skin on yet. I actually saw someone try to warm his hands on the bark of a tree yesterday. Yeah, it’s that cold.

I’m writing you to tell you that I’ve been a very good school this year. I welcomed students from all over the world (including some new nations- Ukraine, Venezuela, and Congo to name three). I taught them, gave them a place to sleep and eat, I even set up help centers for people who need help, and an idea center for people who need ideas. Or have ideas and need to make them more solid than ideas. I haven’t really figured that part out yet.

I brought some former students back to work here this year too- Mr. Catlin, Mr. Lathrop, Ms Yules, and Ms Ohlson. Last spring I sent a bunch of students out into the world, and some of them have already come back to visit (Abe Kung? Liam Gillis? Are you two still hanging around?). In short, I have been a good school and I hope I’m on your “nice” list.

While we’re talking about lists, I have a few requests this year. Not too many, as I already have lots of things. I don’t want a horse. ’cause I already have some. I thought about asking for a helicopter, but Chris Jones made one this fall. At least I think it was Chris. Anyways, here is my Christmas list for this year. Anything on this list would be great, Santa. No special order here. I would like:

  • More mulligatawny in the dining hall. That is the yummiest soup ever made.
  • While we’re on the dining hall, can I ask for more of that molten-chocolate-brownie thing? Yeah, more chocolate. All the time.
  • Santa, is it too much to ask for a swimming pool? Probably, but wouldn’t that be great? I would be a very thankful school.
  • A friend for Buttercup the cow. She is sooo cute, but I think she needs a friend that isn’t a sheep.
  • How about “no-tie Tuesday?” I think some of my teachers would like that.
  • Santa, my faculty has been VERY good. Maybe you could bring an espresso machine for the faculty room?
  • More snow. Lots more.
  • A tunnel from Hanscom to Ordway, so my students don’t have to WALK in all that snow.
  • Santa, this is maybe a big one, but you can do it. Can I please have heated bike paths set up all over campus?
  • Finally, I would like the Phil Rich Swing Band (http://philrichmusic.com/) to play at assembly every time we have Saturday classes. these are the guys that play the SnowBall every year, and they are GRRRREATTT!!!

Yup, that’s it Santa. Like I said, I’ve been a very good school and would appreciate some (all?) of the things on my list.

Oh yeah, if you want you can leave some of your reindeer to play with Buttercup. She would love it. I will leave cookies for you in Ordway, by the fireplace.



Gould Academy




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