Gould Academy Basketball…for THREEEEEE!!!!!!!!

November 21, 2012

OVERHEARD IN A SPANISH FINAL: “Mr. Alford, I’m pretty sure that if I stare at the clouds long enough they will form into words and give me some answers on your test.”

Today is the beginning of a well-deserved vacation. Gould’s campus is a funny kind of place without students- kind of like a balloon without helium, or a jelly doughnut without the jelly.  Or maybe a plate of hot wings without the hot sauce (can you tell I’m hungry right now?).

I thought that since Gould Academy is currently only occupied by a bunch of “old folks” (otherwise known as “teachers and their families”), I would share with the rest of you in Glogland (Glogemala? Glogmabique? La República Glogicana?) one of the things that we do as adults in this community to retain our sanity from week to week: We correct quizzes.

No!  We do that anyway.  What some of us really do is we get together on Tuesday nights, after formal dinner, and relive our glory days on the basketball court.  I mean, really run.  Up and down.  Over and over.  Back and forth. Do I sound tired?  You betcha’ I’m tired.  This fall I have developed what I fondly refer to as the “Wednesday limp” (By the way,  I Google’d “Wednesday Limp,” and so far no one has started a band with this name.  You can be the first!).  I spend the rest of the week recovering.

There are a few absolute truths connected with our Tuesday night games.  For example:

  • Mr. Kimball is younger than me, and plays that way.
  • Mr. Riley is older than me, and plays like Mr. Kimball (no fair!!).
  • Mrs. Kimball can run up and down, over and over, and still laugh when she makes a great shot (also no fair.).
  • Mrs. Candura can make shots with her eyes closed!  I’ve seen it! (even if she didn’t)
  • Mr. Hayward doesn’t break a sweat.  I’m not sure if he ever has.
  • Mr. Shifrin is harder than I am.  When I run into him it hurts me, not him.

That, in a nutshell, is what a few crazies at the Academy do on a regular basis.  We give up a valuable Tuesday evening, and in return we get to limp around campus for a couple of days.  Here is the evidence of our weekly version of Glory Days:

Todd Ormiston: Low post legend, or ballerina-in-training?

Happy Thanksgiving to all Gouldies, large and small.  See you in December!


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  1. Avatar Tucker Kimball says:

    I know this to be true. Mr. Alford has a mean outside jumper.

  2. Avatar Denise Manning says:

    I think you should coin the term Glogmabique.

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