Gould Academy, and the Bucket List

May 1, 2014

OVERHEARD AT FORMAL DINNER: “I’m not sure if I should even take Driver’s Ed this summer. I think It would be dangerous for the instructor.”

Gould Academy. A place to check things off.

We’re all familiar with the concept of a bucket list. Just ask any hardware store, and they will tell you EXACTLY how many buckets they have, and what kind.

This “bucket list” is that “other kind” of bucket list. It’s that “different” kind of list, that requires “quotation marks” around it.

I did some extensive research (asked the Internet) and found out that the term “bucket list” is derived from the expression “kick the bucket”-to die. I then did some more research (asked the Internet again) and found out that the expression “kick the bucket” (quotation marks mine) may or may not have come from the 15th century practice of slaughtering animals, which were hung from their feet by a buque, or beam.1

So now you know something that you didn’t know just a minute ago. See? Isn’t the Internet FUN?

I was thinking over the weekend about buckets, and realized that I have not created for myself a “bucket list”, or “things I want to do before I slaughter Renaissance animals”.”  Here are a few that I already have done while at Gould Academy (in no real discernible order):

  1. Earned a Masters degree
  2. Got married
  3. Had 2 children
  4. Climbed an ice wall
  5. Gone to an opera at a hockey arena
  6. Drank tea on the Great Wall of China
  7. Rode a moose
  8. Attended a Red Sox opening day game
  9. Built a sauna
  10. Lived in Europe for a year
  11. Made up one thing on this list

And now, here are a few that I have yet to do but hope to before I run out of buckets:

  1. Ride in an ultralight (Autrey, MacKnight, are you hearing me?)
  2. Take a blacksmithing class (ditto, Señorita Cabeza)
  3. Visit every state in the US
  4. Lick my elbow
  5. Hike in New Zealand and Scotland
  6. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop
  7. Shoot a free throw at the Boston Garden
  8. Invent a new language tense (“will had been”- the future past-perfect)
  9. Drive a tank (not the SCUBA kind- I already do that)
  10. Scare the heck out of my daughter’s first boyfriend (sorry Chaia- no dating ’til you’re married)
  11. Ride a whitewater river on a boogie board
  12. Visit India, Turkey, and Mongolia
  13. Ride an elephant while wearing an Indiana Jones hat
  14. Own a goat.

This is fun! I think I’m going to ask students what is on THEIR bucket lists next week!

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kick_the_bucket
2. Random footnote, not connected to anything



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  1. Avatar Alex Kerney says:

    I believe that Julia will need to be involved with #13.

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