Gould Academy and Sunday River: What a team!

February 18, 2015

OVERHEARD ON SUNDAY RIVER TV: “It’s like a sauna in the studio today, because Jimmy Catlin is here and heating it up!”

Greetings, GLOGstafarians! I’m late with today’s post, mostly because I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to write about this week. So many things happening, such a busy place right now at The Academy! So I was thinking, and then it hit me.

Ow! (obligatory dad joke)

There are better people out there who can tell you all what Gould is like, and what’s going on, than me. So this week I am giving over my Glog-space to a couple of young Gouldies- Brooke and Hayli. Tune in and listen to a couple of really bright, articulate (translation: Smarter than me) young women talk up Gould Academy this morning.

Thank you Jimmy Catlin for providing me with todays Glog! Also…you ROCK that bowtie. Just sayin’.

Follow the link by clicking here to see this morning’s video:




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