Goodness, Gracious, Great Wall of China!

March 16, 2015

The second full day in Beijing began with an early start and a two and a half hour bus ride north to hike the Great Wall.  It’s good to know that another class of Gould frosh can check that “biggie” off their bucket list!  The pictures will tell it all.  We spent about four hours enjoying the spectacular views– all were in awe of the monumental engineering project that covers 1800 miles and was built over 1500 years.

Our fifty-one passenger bus (all seats filled!) battled the Beijing traffic and dropped us at Wangfujing Street where we hit the fifth floor of the mall for a great Hot Pot meal.  This pedestrian street is filled with high-end stores so we opted to wait for the Pearl market on Wednesday to do our heavy shopping. 

A walk through the Night Market with a collection of interesting foods was appreciated after the “hot” meal.  The Gouldies had their share of fried scorpions, other crispy things on sticks, and my favorite, fried ice cream.  It was a wonderful opportunity to sample some real culinary treats.

Tomorrow we start our day’s adventure just down the street with Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.  It’s time to see if there really are 9,999 rooms!

We have many pictures from today, which we will post as soon as possible.  The internet at night (morning in the USA) is far slower, thus the delay.

great wall group 2015

wall shot 2015

Night Market

Night Market

Giant Selfie at the Mall

Giant Selfie at the Mall

Skipping on the Great Wall

Skipping on the Great Wall

Hot Pot- this table ate the most!!

Hot Pot- this table ate the most!!

Great Wall lunch spot

Great Wall lunch spot




Night Market don't want to know!

Night Market treats…you don’t want to know!


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  1. Avatar Kristin Gibson says:

    Awesome pictures! Keep them coming. Everyone looks happy and healthy!

  2. Avatar Rich Gordet says:

    Great pics. Everyone looks happy and awake!!

  3. Avatar Jennifer Lear says:

    The pictures are great. Thank you!

  4. Avatar Lynda McCann-Olson says:

    Gould has raised the bar for a freshman picnic location.

  5. Avatar Jim Gibson says:

    Nice bug Beth!

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