June 7, 2013

Happy Final Friday Everyone!

This is the final glog post for this year from me! It’s a little alarming at how quickly this year has gone by. But, that’s because it has been so much fun. A few things that I have done in my junior year that I will always remember:

Surf Trip

Midnight Hike

Jr. Fourpoint

Trip to Spain

Red Sox game


Spring Fling

First year of nordic skiing



Countless hours of studying

College Counseling started


AP Classes

I was elected proctor and then chosen to be Head Proctor

Saw a smoke bomb go off (it was a demonstration for chemistry)

Found my true passion of studying Biology

Became hooked on the “Walking Dead”

Went to a Portland Sea Dogs game

Midnight Madness trip

Almost was kicked out of Denny’s because of Nate (’13)

Polar Bears

Went to the New England Aquarium

These are just a few of the great memories I have from this year. Now, as I write this final post, I have completed my last exam and I’m on summer vacation. But, what does this mean? I’m a senior. I have been here for 16 years, and now the final chapter has begun. I still remember the days when I was running around during elementary school snow days. I remember when I walked to assembly on the very first day of freshmen year with my parents. I remember thinking that I didn’t need to think about senior year because it was so far away. Now, it’s here.

I wish the class of 2013 good luck next year. I’m sure you will all do well wherever you are.


Until Next Year,

Alec Manning



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