Good Dogs.

March 17, 2009
We’re back on campus after a week at a remote cabin near Greenville, Maine. There was a time in my life when I spent more nights sleeping outside than inside in all seasons and all weather conditions. I admit- staying in a cabin with a wood stove, a propane cook stove, and pump-well outside feels like luxury. I’m OK with “luxury.”

We spent the week at Moose Point Cabin on Long Lake with 4 adults, 2 two year olds, and 12 sled dogs. There are wonderful trails in the area which were designed and built by Mike Cooper, father of Helen, class of 2012. Many of the trails we traveled are off limits to recreational snow machines and are built for travel on ski, foot, and dogsled. They were absolutely beautiful.

Campus is quiet still, but not for long. On Wednesday the new Schroy Turf Field will be alive with lacrosse players. Zack Lehman has organized a pre-season camp for lacrosse players from Gould and other schools. In contrast to our grass fields, the turf field is green and soft. The snow will open from the other fields before we know it, but not before the start of school next week!

Little Ripper at Sunday River

Good Snowball Snow!

Since it’s spring break and there aren’t any Gould kids here, these are pictures of what we’ve been doing! Hangin’ with Reiley.

Enjoy St. Patty’s Day!

Until next week,


Hucking big air.

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