Going to School at Kunming Foreign Language School

March 24, 2014

We heard lots of great stories about fun times yesterday.  It sounds like there was lots of shopping, movie watching and laughing going on with all of the students while Mr. Penley and I had wonderful day hiking and seeing some temples…fun was had by all!  Today was back to business as we spent our day in classes at the school.  The first part of the morning was spent in various classrooms observing English, Physics and Math classes.  Then we were off to our calligraphy class. During our lunch break, there was lots of activity out on the playground, with some pick-up basketball as well as just more time spent with new friends…it was pretty warm out so there was also some ice cream consumption.  Finally, we tried our hand at tying Chinese knots.

Kunming Foreign Language School

The school

 Sky and Colby read to the class

Sky and Colby read in class

Niles journaling

Niles Journaling

 Hayli hard at work

Hayli hard at work

 Sky works on calligraphy

Schuyler hard at work

John learns from the teacher

John learning calligraphy

Hayli anxious to try

Hayli learning calligraphy

Mr. Penley helping out

Mr. Penley helping out

Our finished product

After calligraphy

Hanging out with friends…Colby loves the camera!

Colby always sees the camera

Matthew takes a shot

Matt shoots

Schuyler’s turn now

Sky takes a shoot

Chris ate many ice creams

one of Chris's many ice creams

Ankey and Haylee learn to tie Chinese knots

Haylee and Ankey tying knots

Alex working hard at learning to try knots

Alex tying knots

Matthew’s turn!

Matt ties a know with the teacher

Tomorrow we head to the Stone Forest for another exciting day!

Stay warm back at home!


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  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    Looks like everyone is really trying their hand at the culture & traditions…you’re not missing much here, it was 0* this morning. Much love from Maine!

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