Going Into Finals Week!

November 16, 2008

Dear Gloggers,
This past week we have all been preparing and starting our studying for finals. Teachers are handing out study guides and students are trying to pry what the questions may be on their finals out of their teachers. We are given large schedules and meet with our advisers to plan our time out accordingly for next weeks studying. Sunday, our teachers will all be in the dining hall to answer any questions we have and to review materials from this trimester. This is a great time to meet with all of your teachers because they are all in one place and there are SNACKS! Likewise, tomorrow is a day devoted to studying. It’s called “reading day”. During reading day teachers are available all morning in their classrooms. Gould Academy tries to make finals week the least stressful it can possibly be, if you utilize your teachers time correctly.

So for other things going around on campus, last night 60 students attended a Pirates hockey game in Portland. It was so much fun and a yearly tradition at the Academy. The Pirates won 5-2 against Providence. Also potters have just finished up their final which consisted of a bowl, a mug, a cylinder, and a pitcher. We each had a week to complete these four pieces and this week has come to an end.

If there’s anything else you all would like to hear about please leave comments and I can talk about them in my next post.
Wish us luck for finals!


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