December 19, 2012


I’m so sorry I didn’t post last week, I was in extreme school spirit mode and determined to beat the boys.

Kathleen, Clayton and I in our holiday sweaters

Recently we had a residential competition, and as some of you may know I get REALLY into school spirit!

Last Saturday was snowball and in preparation each dorm and the day student’s had to perform their own cover of the holiday classic “Let It Snow”! Everyone was dressed in their christmas sweaters and holiday colors, which I LOVED.

Each cover was awesome and I’m so proud of everyone!

But of course, Gehring’s was the best( as you can see in the video below).

Overall I had an awesome weekend. As Cathryn said in her last post, it was my last snowball and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m really starting to realize how quickly my last year at Gould is moving along, and I thought this week’s Buddha quote was very fitting. Buddha says, “Live every act fully, as if it were your last.”  Ahhhh so insightful.



Until next time!





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