Gloggers: A rare breed

February 13, 2013

OVERHEARD AT SUNDAY RIVER: “wwwrrrrrrrreeeeaooooowwww!!!!!!!” (this is the sound of a certain ski patroller and math teacher, making race car noises while skiing)

Over the past few years, readers out in in the OGS (Organization of Glog States) have been treated to a lot of stories and experiences by that rare group of 21st century journalists- the Glogger.  Recently you have heard (technically “read”, unless, like me, you hear the Glogger’s voice in your head when you read their weekly piece) that the following things are true:

  • Cathryn’s birthday is rapidly approaching (but who’s counting?).
  • Zee is into his college of choice, AND experiencing his last winter for awhile.
  • Alec has great taste in BAD lip reading (“I’d kill for a cookie…sting-ray scooby snack!”)
  • Courtney’s computer has vowels that stick (“Heeelooooo everyoneeeeee”)
  • Min Jae had his very first college interview! And…he mght have lost his camera.
  • John got a special letter, and it said YES!!  And it was green….

Yes, we Gloggers say many things, but we rarely let the world out there into who we really are when we aren’t being Gloggers (OK, spirit of full disclosure- I am now trying to use the word “Glogger” as often as possible.  Mostly because “Glogger” rhymes with my favorite 80’s video game- Pac Man.)

So this Glog wlll be about sharing.  Below, please find a little information that will help you understand a bit more about what it means to be a Glogger.  I’ll bet you didn’t know any of the following things that I will now share with you:

Cathryn (and friend): Did you know that she speaks very good Spanish, and passable Italian?

John: Bet you never knew that he is a junior international thumb wrestling champion?

Zee: were you aware that he has been on three South American reality TV series, and is a minor celebrity in his native Croatia?

Min Jae: Betcha didn’t know that he hopes, some day, to be a zookeeper of exotic marsupials? In Greenland?

Alec: Little known fact-Passover is one of his favorite holidays, because he gets to eat colorful lemons.

Courtney: True story- She has written a screenplay for “Glee”. She is hoping to have it produced next season.

And then there is me.  No picture needed, I look exactly like the cartoon caricature that you see on the Glog page. And my secret truth?  I love to make up random facts about people. And, mixed in, I tell the truth.

Just like one of the facts above.


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