GLOG Wars, take 1

January 28, 2014

OVERHEARD ABOUT A WEEK AGO IN SPANISH CLASS: “This is just the beginning Jefe. The gloves are off. IT’S ON.”

Hi everyone out there in Glogzania. I was going to write about dining hall food hacks (see last week’s post), from the perspective of the Seniors at Gould.  But then a new topic came up. It seems that I have been accused.

By another Glogger.

Now I’m not one to dive headfirst (or feetfirst, or anythingfirst) into a battle. I’m a lover, not a fighter (uncited song quote here) after all. I like witty banter and cute puns. Fun is my fun.

But then, oh, then, those words. “It’s On.” I get it.  That means the gloves are off. A line has been drawn in the snow. The rhinos have been saddled and fed, and the hen is in the foxhouse. In short, the battle starts now. Oh you, anonymous “other” glogger who will from here forward be known only by the highly secret and indecipherable code-name “Habes”.

I have a message for you.

Another "troublesome" Glogger, brought low by Jefe's awesome Glog-power.

Another “troublesome” Glogger, brought low by Jefe’s awesome Glog-power.


What have YOU got?

Love, Jefe

p.s. Thanks to my secret assistant, from here forth known by her code-name “Habemom”.



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