Glog update.

October 2, 2010

Dear fans,

We’ve been hard at work making some changes to the Glog that we’re excited about here at Gould.

Without getting too techie, we’ve moved our beloved student and faculty blog from the Blogger platform to the WordPress platform. Additionally, we’ve also moved the whole enchilada from where it was originally hosted to a warm, comfortable home here in Bethel.

Part of moving to WordPress includes transferring the component which allows you to subscribe to Glog and receive updates in your email inbox. This transfer happened recently and resulted in an email test sent to you – loyal subscriber – to make sure you were not left behind in the move!

All of this, of course, has taken a little bit of time, but I’m happy to say we’re there! Our Gloggers, including a couple of new faces, will begin sharing their thoughts this week.

Thank you again for your patience and your loyal readership. Enjoy the Glog and don’t forget to add comments to our posts. We love your participation!

Best Regards,

Tucker Kimball
Director of Communications


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