Getting There.

May 18, 2011

This past week was exciting with Lax games, plays, and baby news.
All the lax teams went over to Hyde. Varsity boys and girls won and JV fought a hard game but lost 2-1.

The Godspell cast

The spring play was Godspell, which was an exhilaratingly funny version; hats off to all who took part and helped produce a fine evening of entertainment, finished off with an ice-cream social and the sale of CD’s and bracelets for Hope for Japan.

Our Ice Cream servers, Thanks Girls....

Then, exciting news from Mrs. Stack who is expecting a baby in December …. Congrats all around.

So, as we head into the last 10 days of the school year, the dorm is a hive of activity. The students are like squirrels foraging for nuts, otherwise known as boxes, to either pack or store all their worldly goods.
We (Chris and I) have 7 years under our belts of packing up the boys; now we are in unknown territory …. Girls …. Mmmmm., Do they have stuff…? Not sure how it all got in the dorm, or how they are going to get it out ….

So, yes, boxes ….. Today I brought about 150 boxes into the dorm …..Within 20 minutes they had disappeared, so I have an appointment tomorrow with the IGA to get more.
Just the other day Eddie Mele ’10 posted on my facebook page that it was easier packing with our guidance; we went on to chat about how Gould had prepared him to pack and move on, and let’s not forget HOW TO HOOVER.
The proctors have been announced and now starts the room pick process for next year. The proctors get first dibs and on Thursday we have the room lottery where class by class the girls and boys choose who and where they will be living next year.
Its alway’s drama but we work through it and it all comes out in the wash in the end.
Heading into next week the seniors are getting geared up for graduation and their final walk in front of family, friends and faculty. Good luck to all.
Till next week Gloggers

The Davies’s’s’s


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