Getting Dropped…

April 30, 2012

Hi Everyone!

So last week I’m pretty sure that I hinted that I had my first two bike races this season. It’s been a long week, but I survived it somehow, even with the two races. I had no idea what to expect, I had not a clue what I was in for. So here is my explanation for what happened this week…

Wednesday we had a race at Holderness. It was my first race, and I just couldn’t get the pre-race jitters out (even after 3 seasons of mountain biking and 4 seasons of ski racing, I still battle that in all of my sports). So I did what I normally do: plug in to my iPhone and jam!

Music is my savior: Whether I’m feeling like listening to some 311, Phish and Umphrey’s Mcgee ; Naked and Famous, Fun. ,  and M83, or Basement Jaxx, Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, it really helps me to forget the outside world. I am a music person, I listen, play, and judge music and I don’t know what I would do without it. New bands, old bands or electronic producers, they all tend to find their way into my life. There are some song lyrics that I want to live by some day, but for now am still working on : “I’ve got an iPod like a pirate ship: I’ll sail the seas with 50,000 songs I’ve never heard…”.  I love finding new bands, and any race I can I’m blaring my music as loud as I can, just to get myself excited, and the juices flowing.

Anyways, the dreaded mile 6: at that point at the Holderness race, I had some issues. It was a short, somewhat steep uphill, and my chain jumped off of my casette. That forced me to battle a heavy gear up the hill, and lose the pack. I tried to catch up, but just couldn’t quite do it. So I rode the last 13 or so miles alone, which would just so happen to be the worst case scenario that involved me finishing. Turns out, I wasn’t that far behind the pack, but it seemed that every time there was a long straight section, they were not even close. It kinda bummed me out to have my first race go that way. But, I knew it was going to get better, so I stood in B’s.

After some college admissions folk talked a bit about college admissions on Saturday, we headed off into the most dreadful of conditions for our home bike race. A gnarly headwind and a chilling temperature made the entire bike team wish we weren’t. However, the show must go on, and so we did too. It started off a little better than before: I had better positioning in the pack, and everything was going well. We hit a long straightaway on grafton road, and the folk in the front of the pack had decided that we were going to sit tight and work together to deal with an incredible headwind for such a large amount of time. I guess the back of the pack didn’t get the memo, because I looked into the other lane, and saw a group of red and white-jerseyed riders on the wrong side of the road, passing us. My brain didn’t work quite fast enough. I’d never seen a breakaway before, and it was crazy to do it so early on in the race! So yet again, I spent a large amount of time trying to catch back up to the pack, but failed. However, this time I found myself with my teammate, “Captain” Ben Martin. So we worked hard and long, pushing up the hills and trying to catch the group, but to no avail. They seemed to disappear again. It seems like you are stuck underneath a funnel of water, that has the tube going back up to the top, you just can’t get out. However, just having a friend made it much more enjoyable, even if the winds did stop us in our tracks once or twice.

Morale of this story: Don’t get behind. I find that this also applies to the spring trimester of school : If you get dropped, it’s real hard to catch back up. Goals for the rest of the year: Don’t get dropped biking… It would be really nice to finish with the pack in at least one race. And also, don’t get dropped in school work… It’s about time I finished off a year really strong, and I dont’ want to have to be catching up the whole time to make it work.


Blue skies and happy Trails,



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  1. Avatar Alex Kerney says:

    There’s a history of ridiculous break aways on Grafton. Red and White? I’m guessing that was Camden Hills who’s coach may still be sore after a break away my year right at the turn that his whole team basically got sacrificed to reel in our one break away rider.

  2. Avatar John says:

    Hi Alex!

    Thanks for the comment. I have heard lots of great stories about the Grafton Race. It’s a fun race, and I can tell there’s been a bit of drama in past years as well. Camden no longer competes in our league (Funny, considering their mountain biking team pretty much owns the circuit). I’ve been struggling to find out what team it was, but they ran a smart move. For some reason, none of us expected a breakaway on that stretch, and I just couldn’t keep up. I learned a good lesson, and hopefully can bring that to our upcoming races.

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