Get out Alive

November 17, 2010

On this beautiful late night at Gould Academy, one can’t help but to notice the thick layer of finals tension that has overtaken even the most light-hearted students.  One of my favorite aspects of this week is watching what some of my fellow students do to try and get rid of some stress.  People do the craziest things and convince themselves of absolutely ridiculous methods of trying to prepare themselves for tests.  I swear I’ve heard, “I try not to study for my tests, I feel like I do better that way.”  I promise that studying for your test will allow you to do better.  So for the students that read this blog, my advice is to get out a little, have some fun.  After the test, play a couple video games, go for a run, freestyle rap with the Bethel Boyz.  Don’t let yourself study all day every day because the stress and the subject matter will overtake you and thus make you a truly dull person.  This week could possibly be the most important week of testing of my life so far but I still need to live a little because, as Van Wilder says, “You shouldn’t take life so seriously.  You’ll never get out alive.”  So live it up a little, get outside for a game of speedball, and do well on exams but let the stress out one way or another, it is almost as effective as studying.


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