Gehring Hall Kitchen Helps Build Community

November 9, 2012

The girls of Gehring are finding that a simple meal like pasta and sauce, can have a real impact on community. Having a meal together creates a sense of community because it uses the one thing everyone has in common, the love of good food.

Madison ’14 and Nika ’14 cooking pasta and sauce

Monika ’14, uses the kitchen on a daily basis. She loves to cook, and more importantly share her creations. Many students feel it works because it isn’t coordinated, often times the dinners are completely spontaneous.

“Sometimes we just don’t plan on cooking with people, but when there are others down there, we all work together, and we actually kind of like bond over making the food.” said Monika. “For example one time I came down to the kitchen, and two people were making food and talking, so I just kind of jumped into the conversation and cooked with them and we all ate together. We just started talking about food. I mean everyone likes food. It was really awesome.”

Gehring Hall is home to all Gould Academy boarding girls who represent different places from all around the world. Gehring has a complete kitchen, stocked with all the necessary appliances and utensils. This space could be used to make something as simple as ramen and microwave popcorn, to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Madison ’14, often uses the kitchen to relax and make dinner. The kitchen is the perfect place to hang out, eat food, unwind, and maybe even try something new.

“One time I was down here cooking pasta and an international student was down here also, and she was making something I’ve never tried before. Over the course of cooking next to each other, we also ate together. It was awesome because we never really talked much before, and we shared food. It was really cool trying something completely new,” said Madison ’14.

Even after the meal, the idea of connectivity with your peers continues.

“I think (the kitchen) helps create a sense of community within the dorm because once everyone is done cooking with each other, they all clean up. It doesn’t matter if it is your stuff to clean, it’s just all about helping and being with one another. Everyone really appreciates having this space for just girls, it’s really nice.” said Madison ’14.


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