Game On

February 3, 2016

As the Romans once said in Sparta “Let the games begin” With the cry of Holden’s chants, Elly’s megaphone, and fresh snow falling from the sky, this was sure to be a year for the record books. Decked in all pick and of course glitter, Gehring came from all corners sounding the group in the middle. However, it can’t be a winter carnival entrance without Holden and D-Block vying for attention too. Though Southam never awards any points on his spreadsheet for that. The Day Students had to get creative this year, apparently even with all that camo they could still be seen riding in the back of pickup’s. So, in on the trailer they come.

Winter Carnival 2016 068-L

Can you even see them?

With D-Block’s man power and the use of cleats to pull through the tough sheet of ice covering the upper field they finished with the most points on the sled pull. George should have gotten extra style points for this outfit.

Winter Carnival 2016 120-L

I think moon fell off.

Winter Carnival 2016 031-L

George blends in so well

One of the most prominent events at winter carnival is the tug of war. When the dorms face off and all bets are off. Its win or lose time and with bragging rights and dorm status on the line, this is no time to back down. With the boys against girls and girls and against girls. Till its only two groups left, battling it out for the last set of points and who can scream the loudest. This year D-Block vrs. Day student boys. We are not quite sure who won, but D-Block looks pretty happy.

Winter Carnival 2016 197-LWinter Carnival 2016 191-L

New this year was a design challenge, as the girls introduced “Queen Gehring”

Winter Carnival 2016 115-L

All hail the Queen

I don’t know who came out truly victorious but, there were smiles all around.



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