GAME ON! April 1, 2008

April 1, 2008

Well, the plans have just come through and Mr. Lehman assures us that the funding is all set.

Although on-snow athletes have enjoyed a wonderfully snowy winter, those most passionate about spring sports have been a bit disappointed. It’s April and despite the fact that the sun is high and the days are long, the fields are still blanketed with snow.

It’s no secret that Mr. Lehman is an avid lacrosse player and coach. After lengthy conversations with Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Schibles, and Mrs. Gadomsky (new womens’ coach) he decided that Gould can no longer risk delaying lacrosse season due to Maine’s snowy winters.

His plans for a turf field have been expanded and now include 3 separate bubble-domes for the lower fields. Each dome will have radiant-turf heating, provided by Gould’s planned biomass heating system. Mr. Kunkle was reluctant to agree to the 3 new bubble-domes because of the extra heating costs, until Mr. Lehman assured Mr. Kunkle that the lacrosse teams’ spring training would include hauling timber from Gould’s wood lot to the biomass heater. Each team player will be fitted with a special harness, allowing him or her to ergonomically haul wood through snow and mud, back to campus.

Mr. Lehman is eager to get this project off the ground, so don’t be alarmed to see snowplows, bucket loaders, and dump trucks on the fields for the next 2 days. He expects Gould athletes will be playing lacrosse on turf, under cover no later than April 11th.We’re all excited about this project, which will benefit Gould athletes well into the future.

Mr Lehman has been assuring us he’s working on the funding necessary to cover the baseball and softball fields by 2009.

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