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February 20, 2015

One thing I’ve never written about is the basketball team. While 70% of the school is on the mountain, the other 30% either does yearbook, nordic, individual sports, or basketball. This year I joined the basketball team for more free time, and wasn’t expecting it to be fun. Mr. Leach completely surprised me, and I started to really enjoy basketball. For a school that is 70% skiers, the basketball team has finally learned to compete with other schools that don’t even have ski programs, and their focus is towards sports like hockey and basketball. The basketball team is extremely diverse, with kids from all around the world—Japan, Vietnam, China, Ukraine, Turkey as well as kids from all over the United States. Here’s Kaan Alpar, a sophomore from Turkey, who learned to dunk this season:


Adding to the diversity AND personality of the team, Darin Ban never fails to give us a good laugh. Being extremely loud for 8 in the morning, Darin brings the foreign humor to the team. While he may seem all fun and games, he has a serious side too. Here’s Darin showing his love for the number 23, (Michael Jordan is extremely popular in China):



Part of the reason why the basketball team is so fun is the enthusiasm Mr. Leach has for us. He has tons of patience with new and developing players. Aside from that, he has more basketball shoes than all of us combined. For a coach to have better shoe game than his players is very impressive.

Another thing that makes the basketball team fun is the bus rides. They are extremely underrated and our team usually doesn’t look forward to bus rides but they are extremely fun, especially on the way back.

Quote of the day: “I don’t give a crap if we win or lose, it’s how we play game that matters”

~Andrew Leach


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    I really enjoyed hearing about the basketball team. It’s nice to see a part of Gould that I’m not familiar with. And how great to hear of the enthusiasm. Glad you’re all enjoying it.

    PS: Happy (belated) Birthday Cullen

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