January 15, 2013

Since I haven’t posted in a very long time, I thought I would do a double post today! (I do have thirty minutes left of Monday).

Last night was indeed a great night for primetime television, as we turned into the 70th annual Golden Globes award ceremony.

All night I watched the fashion do and don’ts (A+ Amanda Seyfried! What were you thinking, Eva Longoria?!), I watched the awkward acceptances and cutting off of hollywood royalty, but the highlight of the night?



For those of you who don’t know the holiness that is HBO’s somewhat new show, Girls, then you need to get to it. Following the story of four friends in BKLYN, Girls is the voice of my generation as well as yours and everyone’s in this whole world. It is, hands down, the best show I’ve ever seen (sorry, Jersey Shore and The Hills…I still love you).

My favorite award last night was Lena Dunham’s win for ‘Best Actress, Comedy’ and ‘Best Comedy Series’ for her masterpiece Girls. As a avid fan myself, it was gratifying watching the young actress accept her award last night. As one of the best shows on cable television, Girls is relatable to all of us: whether we’re twenty, fourty, or seventy-two, we can all identify with Lena Dunham and her outstanding characters. Be sure to watch out for this one, because it only seems Dunham is going up from here.


If you’re around campus and want to see this masterpiece…I have season 1 on DVD!

Catch me if you can! And till then…don’t forget the #Girls




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  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    I’ll to take you up on the Season 1 offer Zee! I’ve been meaning to watch Tiny Furniture on Netflix.


    The highlight for me was Quentin Tarantino (even though he got snubbed by everyone for best Director) and Christoph Waltz winning for Django Unchained, which I just saw on Saturday.

    Oh, and Dog President was robbed!

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