Funday, Funday, Funday!

March 4, 2015

Tuesday. The day we have all been waiting for since Saturday. On Sophomore Four Point, Tuesday is also known as FUNDAY.

First, the Sophomores have a sleep in. The best part of sleeping in is not, in fact, the sleep. It’s the fact that we get BRUNCH. Have I mentioned how good the food is? Somehow Brian and his crew manage to kick it up a notch or
seven for Four Point. We are eating like kings. Best brunch in Bethel.

Then, after a brief meeting we were off to Hebron Academy’s Robinson Arena for some BROOMBALL. Broomball is serious business at Gould. Southam has full body pads. Mr. Leff (who was sorely missed today) brings out his old Middlebury jersey. Mr. Manning is a passionate broomballer too (I’m speculating there). If, for some strange reason, you are not familliar with broomball, this is what it looks like:

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t take any pictures of us broomballing because I was too busy trying to stand up/not hurt myself. We definitely have some superstars on the ice. I was even impressed with the skills of one student who, upon shoving me into the wall, exclaimed, “I didn’t realize you were a teacher!” (*ahem* Schuyler P.) My knee got a little banged up, but it was all in fun. Also, I relish these dwindling moments when I can still be mistaken for a student whilst wearing a helmet and giant puffy coat.

Helmets. Yep. Definitely a requirement for broomball. Otherwise, the rules are pretty much like hockey, except a little more fluid.

After we were, all at once, sweaty and cold, we packed up the vans (after a snack. A Gouldie must eat!) and headed to Auburn to Flagship Cinemas. There are a bunch of great movies out right now. People watched everything from Spongebob to McFarland, USA.

Popcorn. Soda. M&Ms. Swedish Fish. Regret. Full of treats, we headed out for….


I was in the lucky group to head to Margarita’s. I love Mexican food (read: cheese.).


Thanks to a couple of extra precious boys, Mrs. Chase and I got birthday songs and sombreros.

Here I am in my birthday sombrero.

Here I am in my birthday sombrero.

It’s not my birthday, but I appreciated the surprise.

Totally stuffed for the day, we drove home in a little snow squall. It was a friendly reminder that Old Man Winter is definitely hanging around for a couple more weeks. Godspeed, Juniors out in the woods. Hope you brought extra socks! After about 3.25 minutes in the car, everyone was asleep except yours truly (good thing. I was driving).

I’ll be off in dreamland soon. So excited for artist workshops to begin tomorrow!




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